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Meet some of our clients!


"My 92 year old mom was hospitalized over the summer with a fractured ankle. Franca and her team visited her two or three times a week to help keep her stimulated. I was impressed with their proactive suggestions and their commitment to her well-being. They updated me after every visit. Now they are working alongside my mother's physiotherapist, doing the prescribed exercises with my mom while she is at the center. Her strength and coordination have greatly improved. Franca has provided our family with exceptional service and support since the beginning."

- Julien Chung

"My mom, Romana, started attending the center 18 months ago on the advice of her physician and physiotherapist. Prior to attending the center mom had no motivation or willingness to do anything. Her daily activity consisted of sitting down and watching television. But with Mom’s last visit with her doctor, it was very encouraging as she saw a big improvement. She said mom was much stronger, more alert and happier. The doctor said going to the center has surely helped.

Mom loves going to the center. She enjoys the activities, the camaraderie and the people. She feels that she is doing something worthwhile and fulfilling. She loves Franca, her staff and the volunteers. She exclaims often; I love them they are like family.

Her improvement is thanks to Franca, the staff, and all the volunteers. They are warm, caring, helpful, cheerful, people. They truly have been a blessing to both mom and our family. They are not only there to help the client, but also to help and support the family. My mom was right they are like family, they take care of their clients like a family member would. I strongly recommend to anyone who needs this service, do not hesitate or worry, your loved one will be well taken care of."

- Lisa 

"My Dad Bob is one of the newer members of the Activity center and he raves about all the fun things to do including checkers and getting some exercise and of course telling a few stories with all his newest and closest friends. The bus service is great and Franca and her team are just wonderful!"

-Brian Beattie

"My beloved wife Fatima Al Wazzan joined your group for more than six months, and she always feel great for the care and treatment she gets at your day centre.

I would strongly recommend this adult care facility to all those who need such a nice care by nice people as yours. Lots of love to all of you Franca and staff."

- Laith Raouf Hassan


"My brother Bob has been attending the activity center nearly 5 days a week for the past 7 months and really looks forward to seeing his friends there each and every day. He's been enjoying his time spent there to the point of really missing it on week-ends. The atmosphere at the center is relaxed and fun, beginning with a cheerful greeting at the door, sitting down to a warm cup of coffee and making conversation with friends around the table. The time at the center is well organized with stimulating activity program throughout the day. The staff and volunteers are empathetic and supportive making each guest feel secure and at home. Thank you Franca and all of your wonderful staff and volunteers."

- Paul 

Groves Residence

"My residents were one of the first groups to join with the activity center back in December 2014. My residents join every Friday, week by week, I could see improvement with the motivation and stimulation skills.I periodically visit the center while my residents are participating in the activities and I can see how happy and stimulated that they are.... Franca and her volunteers work very hard to accommodate all their needs, with healthy meals and snacks , activities and one on one attention!!

It is a great feeling for them to come back to the residence with smiles on their faces. There is nothing more rewarding than that!"

Darlene Hirtle, Groves Residence


"The constant smiling, the laughter and the great care are the benefits of the Center. "Very nice people" is my mother's comment about her experience every time, as we drive away.

Franca and her team maintain consistency and a high level of service delivery when caring for our loved ones. I appreciate their positive impact on my mother."

- Ingrid 


"My Mom has Alzheimer's and I work full time. She has been attending the activity center since it opened. She was very resistant at first, but our house was undergoing major renovations and staying in the house, while the workers were there, was not an option. I found that it made a big change in her attitude - she really enjoyed the activities and she was no longer left alone at home during the day. The center offers lots of fun activities, physical, cognitive, creative and social. Prior to going to the activity center, my Mom sat in front of the TV - she had no motivation and slept most of the day. The activity center has given her a new interest - she is up early in the morning, ready to go! Thank you, Franca, for opening up this type of business. There is a definite need for capable centers to deal with our ever growing aged population. Keep up the good work!"

- Linda Mair

"My mother, Romana has been going to the center for about 2 years. She loves everything about it; the friendship, crafts, playing games, live entertainment, delicious snacks but most of all she loves the attention and care that Franca and her team provide. Every single time I talk to her she can’t stop talking about how great they are. I am truly grateful that there is a place like this center where my mother and other seniors can go and do these enjoyable things together."

- Joe

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