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Membership Details

In May 2019, the Seniors Respite Montérégie/Répit aînés Montérégie became a not for profit organization.

 Not for Profit organizations are run by the members for the members, therefore, one of the first important tasks is to register members. 


Membership in Seniors Respite Montérégie/Répit aînés Montérégie is open to anyone who supports the mission:

To enrich the quality of life for seniors and caregiver's, and to maintain independence through specialized activities and respite services


What responsibilities will I have?

Members have no obligation to take an active role in the functioning of the organization. However, they will be invited to the Annual General Meeting if they desire and vote for motions presented by their Board.

How much does it cost?

Membership is free! It is most important to be united as a community to support our mission. We will all grow old and these services are important for us as caregivers as well as our aging population.

 We do accept & greatly appreciate any donations.

What benefits do members have?

As stated above only Non Profit Organizations can request support funding SRM has immediately started to contact organizations and foundations that offer financial support to specific projects which match their missions. Any funds received will translate into reduced cost to our clients. Members will get early notification of improved services and special reductions resulting from these support grants.

Can I have an active role in SRM?

There are a few ways to get more involved in SRM! We invite you to:

 Offer your services as a volunteer at the day center
Be part of the governing committee

Immunity of members from liability

Members of a corporation are not liable for any liability (for ex., debts) of the corporation caused by any act or default of the corporation (refer to subsection 36(1) of the NFP Act). However, if a member is also involved in the corporation in a different capacity, for example as a director, officer or employee, the member would not be immune from a liability that might arise from those capacities.

Interested? Fill out our membership form below or contact us for more details! 

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